Woman’s role in modern society

    In modern society woman’s rights are protected by the Law.  But is the modern woman equal to her husband, to her boss, to her father etc.?  She has to work more hours both at her job and her house and oftenly she has to stand the harassment at her working place.

    She is mostly seen as mother, wife, grandmother, relative, friend. When a girl is born her room is mostly panithed pink, while growing up her relatives are trying to persuade her that her goal is to get married and have children. Every girl is dreaming her wedding, her wedding gown, her future husband…All this brainwash make girls believe that they need nothing more than having a nice family in order to be happy. And what if I don’t want get married? And what if I don’t want to have children? Does this mean that I won’t be happy?

Modern society insists on degrading the woman’s role. Single mothers are faced with suspicion while the support towards them should be even bigger. Additionally, abortion is still a taboo. Women are free to choose their lifes, are free to choose the way they want to live. With or without hauband. With or without children. With or without any kind of boss on their necks.

  Where is the freedom we are talking about? Is every woman equal to one another? Is every woman equal to the Law?


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